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How to Fold and Wrap your Rug or Carpet for Shipping or Storage

Before You Start

You should be aware that certain rugs should NOT be folded. They include machine made, hand tufted and ANY hand knotted rugs with dry rot or a stiff construction.
Prior to folding your rug, check carefully for any dry rot or areas that are not easily pliable (easy to fold). Does your rug feel “brittle”?
As you fold, listen carefully for cracking or popping - if you hear this, STOP IMMEDIATELY.



If you are going to store your rug, you should have it professionally hand washed at a reputable specialist rug plant (a surface clean at home is not sufficient). If your rug is not properly cleaned before storage it is far more susceptible to pest infestation such as moth.

For the purposes of storage, the less you fold the rug the better.
A rug folded for long term storage may take time to settle out as creases usually occur, usually , but not always, these creases do come out over time, through use.
There are occasions where folding can damage your rug; never fold your rug unless you are VERY attentive to it’s condition. Older and stiffer rugs are significantly more prone to cracking or splitting.

Optimal storage temperature for rugs and carpets is between 45-75 degrees Fahrenheit, 7-24 degree Celsius in a non-humid environment.
For purposes of long term storage, always roll the rug with the direction of the pile. This will result in a looser roll; however it will protect the pile from crushing in the long term.

For purposes of quick transportation/shipping, roll your rug against the direction of the pile. This results in a tighter roll, allowing for a smaller final size.

If you are shipping your rug, remember that some carriers have limitations on both weight and the dimensions of the packages they ship. Some carriers may offer a discount, depending on how your rug is folded. Try folding your rug several ways and giving all dimensions to your carrier. Important information includes length, width, height and/or diameter. They may ask you to add or combine any number of these dimensions. Remember to add a couple inches to each measurement to compensate for any wrapping materials.

Also get the weight of the rug (most rugs are around 3/4 lbs. per square foot).
Depending on the size of your rug or carpet there are a number of ways of making your rug more compact.

Packing your Rug

Below are a series of photographs that show how to fold your rug, depending on it’s size:

Folding Rugs up to 6ft wide

Fold your rug just under halfway. Be sure it is under half as the other portion will be folded back over the initial fold. If they overlap, the inside may begin to roll on itself, which causes more stress to your rug. Roll your rug as tightly and neatly as you can. Be aware that unnecessary folds and creases may cause damage in transit. Try and keep the ends flush as far as possible.

Folding Rugs 6ft-9ft wide

The principals are always the same for folding a rug but the proportions change, as shown below:

Folding Rugs & Carpets over 9ft wide

Rug Measurements and suggested Rolling Technique
Rectangles & Ovals up to 6 feet wide: ROLL OR FOLD IN HALF AND ROLL
Rectangles & Ovals up to 9 feet wide: FOLD IN THIRDS AND ROLL
Rectangles & Ovals over 9 feet wide: FOLD IN QUARTERS AND ROLL
Square and Round Rugs up to 7 feet: ROLL
Square and Round Rugs up to 11 feet: FOLD IN THIRDS AND ROLL
Square and Round Rugs up to 14 feet: FOLD IN QUARTERS AND ROLL


Wrapping your Rug

Wrap your rug safely and securely, before shipping. Use heavy gauge plastic or Tyvek paper to wrap your rug. For shipping, put some extra padding on the ends of your rug (don't use newspaper which bleeds when wet) as rugs can be dragged a lot in transport. It's a good idea to tape all openings shut so the package is waterproof.

However, when in storage, your rug needs to breathe. Treat your clean rug with a good quality moth repellent treatment. You will also need to check on your carpet at least once every year to vacuum and or retreat with moth repellent.

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