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Why We Recommend, Supply and Fit
Foxi Superplus Underlay for Your Rugs

At Classic Rug Care we believe that Foxi is The Best For Your Rug

  • Foxi is great on carpet and smooth floors
  • Foxi helps rugs last longer
  • Foxi helps stop fugitive dyes transferring to carpets
  • Foxi conforms and is safe for under-floor heating

If your rug walks across the floor, rucks, is wavy, has folds or is a trip hazard then FoxiSuperplus Underlay is what you need.  Foxi has been created to stop movement on carpet and slipping on smooth floors.

The perfect time to get underlay is when you have bought a new rug.  However, Foxi will be useful at any time of your rugs life or when replacing old underlay that has become ineffective.

And for rug owners who are not sure if Foxi will work for them, Classic Rug Care are happy to supply to you with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  So if it doesn’t do what we say it does, we will give you your money back.

What Rug Owners Say About Foxi Superplus Underlay……

“I am delighted with the Foxy Superplus Underlay. It gives the rug a much softer feel to walk on. I hope to see you again in the near future to treat my rug against stains etc.”

Mrs J. Stubblefield - Sunningdale, Berkshire 

“I would like you to know how pleased we are with the repairs to the Bokhara rug and with the underlay which you fitted to our other large rug, which for the first time in the decade we have owned it, does not now slip an inch.”

Mr M. Steiner – Hampstead, London.   

“We are thrilled with the cleaning and repair of our two Bokhara rugs and they look quite splendid now that we have them down again in our dining room.

They are placed on 200 year old clay tiles, the floor of the original shop, and the Foxi Superplus Underlay you recommended stops them ‘creeping’, plus they are wonderfully soft and springy to walk on in bare feet! Very different.

Thanks again for the transformation you achieved, and we have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Mr & Mrs McKee – Royston, Hertfordshire

How to Fit Foxi Superplus Underlay Yourself

These are the golden rules for better use and a longer life for your rug thanks to Foxi.
  • On smooth floors, lay Foxi face down and put your rug on the white surface.
  • On carpets, lay the white side down and put your rug on the fox face.
  • For larger rugs and carpets, lay cut lengths of Foxi side by side, without overlapping the edges.
  • Always cut Foxi less than the rug sizes: up to 7.5cm (3”) on heavier rugs and up to 5cm on lighter rugs.
  • For best results using Foxi, make sure your floor or carpet is clean.
  • Once down, avoid moving Foxi.
  • The more often Foxi is moved, the more it attracts dust and other particles, thus making it less effective.
  • When cleaning your rug, do not vacuum the Foxi.
  • When washing floors, ensure the surface is dry before replacing Foxi.
  • Foxi comes in 4 widths: 62cm, 92cm, 125cm and 185cm widths (approximately 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’)

Foxi gives exceptional comfort under rugs thanks to its needle punch fleece of new fibres and its soft thickness of 5/6mm.

Clients that bought Foxi also looked at MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection

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